A Careful Balancing Act
It is the mission of Alternative Systems to achieve the correct balance in all of its endeavors, whether they be of a business or technical nature. This entails balancing short and long term risks and rewards and we've become experts at this task, which has fueled over three decades of success.
On the one hand, we've always prided ourselves on our knowledge and vision, having managed to stay ahead of the technology curve for over thirty years. We're adept at spotting the key trends which will shape the web of the future and we've even had a humble role in that process.
On the other hand, we maintain a strong commitment to the platforms of the past, supporting all of our clients until they decide that their older applications have become obsolete and will be retired.
It is in this balance between embracing and helping to advance the latest, cutting edge technologies and our steadfast loyalty to existing client systems that shapes our outlook and our focus.
We've seen many new technologies fall far short of the hype and fail to gain significant market penetration. By the same token, we've also witnessed young and barely noticed new tools come to prominence and gain wide traction in the marketplace. We're not quick to jump on every trendy bandwagon that comes along, but are highly perceptive when it comes to identifying the advancements that will become sticky and remain a part of the development landscape for years to come.
Every work of ours is also a careful balance between art and logic. It is our mission to provide unique, highly usable, and visually appealing interfaces atop succinctly written, solid, and stable business logic which executes quickly and conforms to design patterns widely recognized as successful.
Alternative Systems seeks to be a leader in the industry and its long company history has demonstrated continued proven leadership in a variety of areas. We've found success by being able to innovate at the right time and within the right context and also to follow well known and respected conventions when it is appropriate. Each of our works contains both innovation and convention in balance with one another. We're able to offer clients our own unique and innovative values, while not straying from accepted conventions that would allow those unfamiliar with our company's systems to easily understand and edit our work.
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