More Than Thirty Years of Excellence
Del Neroni founds Alternative Systems in Providence, Rhode Island, leaving a prominent management position at IBM in response to the new business opportunities presented by the emergence of microcomputer technology. The company is positioned to offer custom computer consulting to small and medium sized businesses and corporate departments, allowing these clients to take advantage of computing services that were previously beyond their reach. Initial clients include manufacturers and members of the financial sector.
Microcomputer languages flourish. The first version of Windows is released and the Apple II continues to grow its user base. Alternative Systems remains on the cutting edge, rapidly integrating these new technologies. Partnerships are formed with hardware manufacturers, efficiency experts and industrial engineers to provide clients with total package solutions.
Alternative Systems continues to grow its client base by updating its software with new features geared towards franchises, distributors and non-profit organizations.
Microsoft Access (version 1) and Claris FileMaker Pro (version 2) are adopted by the company for integration with larger manufacturing and financial systems running on SCO UNIX, allowing for a user friendly environment with a robust back end solution. The company continues to offer system integration services to manufacturing, financial, government and small businesses throughout the US and abroad.
Alternative Systems develops its first web site and begins to develop a web application strategy and methodology. Initial development with the ColdFusion web application language (version 1.5) allowed for the company's first web database.
ColdFusion 2.0 is launched by Allaire Corporation and the Alternative Systems Web and Desktop Application Development Team is formed. The Development Team is responsible for the creation of rapid web and desktop application development. Using a tight methodology, design strategy and pre-existing code libraries the Development Team is able to develop stable, low cost, rapidly developed solutions for a variety of clients.
Nico Taranovsky is named director of the Web and Desktop Application Development Team. An Alternative Systems veteran, Taranovsky, a project manager and methodology expert, is the senior application specialist of the Development Team at the time of the promotion.
Alternative Systems continues its growth with updated e-commerce offerings, integrating payment processing, distribution, fulfillment and supply chain functionality.
With a revived focus on database and web usability, Alternative Systems continues its dedication to quality custom computing services. The company's offerings span web application development, e-commerce, managed web hosting, web marketing, desktop and enterprise database development and IT infrastructure.
A year of dramatic innovation, 2003 saw the addition of Panico to the team and the creation of the Custom Complete Framework, which will allow Alternative Systems to compete on a global level. The Framework allows Alternative Systems to rapidly create inexpensive software, documentation, and application updates. The Framework positions Alternative Systems as a high quality, low cost alternative to international outsourcing firms.
2004 is the year that the Custom Complete Framework is upgraded to Version 2.12 with a variety of system updates. A series of snap-in modules (Inventory, Purchasing, etc.) are created to compliment the new Framework functionality. This internal product development is once again coupled with a wide variety of new client work, including major projects for the US Courts (The Federal Judiciary), Providus Software, and the Ocean Conservancy. Ron Barth brings new development skills and enthusiasm to the company.
The next set of Custom Complete modules are released as the Framework sees a larger and larger install base. New modules include shopping cart, shipping, bulk e-mail, ad-tracking and other e-commerce functionality. Current clients begin migrating to the Custom Complete Framework to take advantage of its flexibility, rapid development cycle, and robust feature set. New hosting standards are setup and new servers are deployed to insure cutting edge technology for mission critical applications.
Custom Complete is updated to version 3.11 in response to the new functionality in Macromedia's release of ColdFusion MX 7 (released late in 2005). Record growth is achieved for all four quarters of 2006.
A marketing team is formed to seek out new opportunities to present both our custom development services and the Custom Complete Framework to highly compatible organizations that might not ordinarily seek out custom software development. ColdFusion 8 is released. New partnerships are formed with shipping and accounting software manufacturers in order to easily integrate applications.
Having been tinkering with early forms of asynchronous web communications for many years, Alternative Systems adapts the Custom Complete Framework to support and natively include AJAX functionality.
Building on a decade of success developing custom web applications using Microsoft and Adobe technologies, Alternative Systems expands its services reach into the area of open source solutions. The company develops its very first e-commerce solution on the LAMP platform. Additionally, 2009 saw the release of the upgraded client infonet. Alternative Systems provides additional ColdFusion options with applications which are compatible with both Adobe ColdFusion Application Server and the open source Railo CFML interpreter.
An exciting year which saw the expansion of open source business. New consultants including Corey Moore, a Drupal and WordPress expert, join Alternative Systems, bringing valuable new skills and experiences to the team. Panico provides a new project management role while the final ColdFusion version of Custom Complete Framework is released.
Web design and open source development business continues to expand. Social media integration and search engine positioning become a greater focus and additional new services are added, including mobile development on the Android platform. Alternative Systems maintains its strong commitment to legacy ColdFusion applications and platforms by providing on-going support and enhancements.
To further expand upon the success of open source initiatives, a new company division and office, managed by Panico, opens in New York to focus on turnkey lead generation site setup, custom open source development on the LAMP platform as well as social media and search engine marketing services. The New England office, managed by company owner Ron Barth, will continue to focus on supporting and developing the ColdFusion platform and providing high quality hosting and support services.
Alternative Systems aids in the launch of a brand new company named Recruitics, which provides marketing analytics services to companies in the staffing and human resources industry. Based in Shelton, Connecticut, Recruitics provides services and interfaces with their customers through their web applications. Alternative Systems assisted in the development of their initial web applications, which launched the company.
Additionally, Alternative Systems provided technical support and bug fixes over the course of several months for a legacy ColdFusion application operated by DTN/The Progressive Farmer in Omaha, Nebraska.
Alternative Systems staff spent the entire year working with our long-time client, Northern Computer Technology, to modernize their web applications, which are used both internally and externally. In place of several dated ColdFusion applications, Alternative Systems worked to upgrade all applications using web 2.0 techniques along with HTML 5, PHP and jQuery. Alternative Systems also provides data migration, data transformation, and systems integration support as a part of this project.
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